Digital Nomad Trip Report: Athens, Greece

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About Me

I am a single female in her 40’s and originally from the US. I currently work as a digital nomad as a blogger and life coach for women. When I travel I seek out destinations that are affordable, but have style, good restaurants and are considered safe. Athens, Greece checks all those boxes.

+ Pros for Digital Nomads in Athens, Greece

  1. There are many laptop friendly cafes in Athens so I didn’t struggle find places to work.
  2. The affordability of accommodations IF you come in off season. Coming to Greece in peak summer season you will notice a stark difference in the cost of everything but most noticeably the accommodations.
  3. I love the ability to easily reach Greek islands to work such as Milos. The ferry from Athens to Milos is fast, clean and easy. You can also take advantage of the wifi on the ferry, so often times I would work as well.

– Cons for Digital Nomads in Athens, Greece

  1. The one major downside is finding cheap places to rent in the summer. It is very tough as June, July, August and September prices are very high.
  2. Another con is just the lack of already established digital nomad communities compared to places like Lisbon. There aren’t as many co-working spaces or community get togethers like in other cities. But I think that is changing rapidly as more and more digital nomads come here.

What Was Your Overall Impression of Being a Digital Nomad in Athens, Greece?

I love living in Athens and would recommend it to any digital nomad. I have had no issues with internet speed, locals, and getting around the city. From what I can tell Athens is becoming more and more attractive to other digital nomads for the ease of getting the visa.

What Was the Cost of Living as a Digital Nomad in Athens, Greece?

Staying on a budget in Athens is easy! The living expenses are low compared to a lot of European capital cities.

My rent including utilities is 1,000 euros, and this is on the higher end. I have a furnished rental in the heart of the city and it the best neighborhood, Koukaki.

Food is reasonable at around 15 euors for a meal and iced latte.

Transport is very reasonable at A 90-minute ticket costs €1.20, a 24-hour ticket costs €4.10, and a 5-day ticket costs €8.20.

What Can You Share About the Culture in Athens, Greece?

The Greeks are friendly and helpful people who work hard. Family is first here, and Greeks tend to live with family until they have family of their own. You can expect to get dinner later if you want to fit in with the locals. In the small and less tourist neighbourhood you might notice shops closes mid day for a few hours before opening again. This is true in the islands as well.

What Languages are Primarily Spoken in Athens, Greece?

The national language is Greek. I have had little issues speaking English here. Most locals can get back with a little English. I have had a taxi driver or two that didn’t speak English, but it didn’t pose any issue for me.

What was your experience finding, booking, and staying in accommodation in Athens, Greece?

In the winter month you are going to have a WIDE variety of places to choose from. The summer months is where it gets really tricky. I would recommend coming to Athens in during the office season if you can. Companies like BlueGround are good to work with because if you get into a rental you can extend your lease if you are happy with your place. Airbnb is also an option and the deals you will find in the winter are very attractive.

What Working Spaces Are Available to Digital Nomads in Athens, Greece?

 A typical modern cafe in Athens, Greece. A great place to catch up on work as a digital nomad.

Athens does have a number of co-working spaces, but cafes are also a great option. I have yet to be shunned at any spot for taking out my laptop to work.

What is the Food Like in Athens, Greece?

Athens has something for everyone! If you are a vegan you will find that a lot of menus will have options. There is actually a lot of vegan only restaurants that I eat at daily. You can use apps such Wolt to have food and groceries delivered. It is a very convenient place to live in terms of deliveries and great restaurant options.

What is the Visa Situation for Digital Nomads in Athens, Greece?

The digital nomad visa in Greece is valid for a year and can be renewed up to 2 years. The visa was very reasonable to obtain. You need to check the requirements for yourself, but if you meet them it you should easily be able to obtain it. I say easily, but remember, we are talking about dealing with governments and red tape, so easily should be italicised. It was much easier to get approved for the Greece Digital nomad visa than the freelancer visa in Germany which I also had a few years ago.

What’s the Connectivity Like in Athens, Greece?

My internet has been good. I have found that once in a while it would go out while in a cafe, but it is not a regular occurrence. upload speed of 8.29 Mb/s and download speed of 49.31. I have yet to get my SIM card, but should be easy to get with a copy of your lease and visa.

What is There to Do for Fun in Athens, Greece?

The music and club scene is alive and well in Athens! If you don’t like to party, there is so much exploring to be had at either the archeological sites and the surrounding parks, great for hiking. With the Greek Islands so close, visiting the islands is also something fun to do.

What’s the Weather Like in Athens, Greece?

People are friendly here, and if you make the effort on sites such as Meet up and join digital nomad groups you should have no problem making friends.

Can you share something about using money here? What is the local currency? Are any other currencies accepted? Is it easy to take out cash? Are credit cards widely used?

Cash is king is for things like taxis, it is the only option. If you are visiting a more local establishment, you may also need to have cash on hand. I pay with card 95% of the time with no problem. The more remote you are, the more you are going to need to cough up cash.

What Else Should People Know About Athens, Greece? 

A cat on a roof in Athens, Greece. If you are visiting the city as a digital nomad you will get used to seeing them.

If you like cats, they are everywhere! The locals leave them food and water, and so do I now!

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