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The Nomad Reports goes beyond the statistics to bring you the real-world experience and impressions of other nomads.

Discover what the dating scene is like in Santiago, how the food tastes in Almaty, and which workplace norms you should know in Osaka.

We publish user-submitted trip reports of 1,500 + words. We ask users to submit relevant details about culture, legal issues, social scene, costs, languages, co-working spaces, connectivity, and other details relevant to the digital nomad experience.


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Why The Nomad Reports?

As nomads who have been living and working on the road for the last five years, we have witnessed an explosion in the digital nomad space.

While there is plenty of information for digital nomads online regarding the price of a big mac around the world or the best co-working spaces in Europe, we have also noticed that there isn’t one place nomads can go for real trip reports and reviews on digital nomad destinations around the world.

Our mission is to create a space to collect and share stories about nomad destinations all over the world.

We want to open up more people to more places and push the digital nomad conversation beyond Bangkok, Lisbon, and Mexico City.

We want to create a community of nomads who can gain and share insight and experience with one another.

We want to tell the real story of the nomadic experience, the good and the bad. In this way, we hope to educate people about the realities of nomadism for nomads and the communities they visit. We hope to contribute to the development of an ever more sustainable and constructive approach to nomadism.

We go beyond the stats to provide real-world experience and impressions of digital-nomad destinations all over the world.


Our aim is to provide access to as many different trip reports from nomads all over the world to provide the most comprehensive collection of nomad experiences on the internet. 

Who is this website for

Whether you are an expert-level nomad choosing your next destination or you’ve never left home but are wondering what a nomadic lifestyle could be like, this website is to help you wander through new destinations with the intrepid nomads that have gone before.